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Best Hard Drives for Editing! Hard Drive Tips g technology drive

These are my favorite drives we use to store and edit all our footage! Let me know what you use in the comments and don’t forget to ALWAYS BACK UP YOUR FOOTAGE! 🙂

G-Technology Drive we use:

EV series:

Here’s almost all the equipment we use:

This is the Glidecam I use to get all the smooth shots! 🙂
Devinsupertramp Signature Series Glidecam:

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Best Hard Drives for Editing! Hard Drive Tips

Best Hard Drives for Editing! Hard Drive Tips

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Best Hard Drives for Editing! Hard Drive Tips
g technology drive
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23 thoughts on “Best Hard Drives for Editing! Hard Drive Tips g technology drive”

  1. Thanks TeamSuperTramp. I want to create a home setup to edit 4K, 6K amongst other 1080p footage from various cameras (BlackMagic Pocket, Canon series). I do Indi film, commercials and corporate shoots. I'm thinking of getting the QNAP TVS-672XT 6-Bay NAS Enclosure and getting just four drives (Seagate IronWolf Pro 12TB NAS Internal Hard Drive) to start with?

  2. I just received my G-Speed Shuttle 24 TB yesterday. The drive's construction is well made. And the speed of the drive while using Raid 5 is very fast in both Mac Mojave and Windows 10 with high 3 digital speeds for read and write. However, no documentation is included within the box. A very bad decision made by WD.

    When I spoke to a WD salesperson before buying, I was told that you can format the drive in ExFat so it can be accessed by Mac and PC. * WRONG * According to G-Tech support, after I bought the drive, ExFat is not stable with RAID. Their suggestion was to keep the drive format as Mac Enhanced + Journaled. Then download Paragon's HFS+ software. I went to Paragon's website and could not purchase from there. I did a quick Google search and discovered you can download the Paragon HFS+ software for free on WD website. The WD tech support person was not aware of this fact. Once you do install the Paragon HFS+ software in Windows, you also must turn on the drive's Better Performance setting under Policies for the drive. Otherwise, the drive's write speed goes down to 94mb per seconds. Tech support was unaware of this fact either.

    In conclusion, the G-Speed shuttle drive is well made and is very fast. For a hard drive that costs $2,000.00, I would however expect WD to include a simple laser printout discussing basic instructions within the box. I would have never known what format to use if I did not chat with tech support for hours. Furthermore, WD sales department is providing incorrect details on using ExFat. Remember, don't use ExFat or you may lose your data. Consider the drive, but be aware the communications from WD sales and WD tech support is not acceptable, IMO.

  3. Hey man. Great video. I too have been using G-tech products for years and love them. That said I am about to buy approx 80TB of raid 5. Long story short I have been use to speaking with English-speaking G-tech presale s and tech support. Now I go to their site and all I see is a cold western digital site that has buried the G-tech line. The people that I eventually got to speak to (that I could barely understand) new nothing about video and sounded less like a specialty line one more like Microsoft. So now I am second guessing and looking at Lacie. Anyway, I am looking for advice as to if I should invest in a division of a large company that it feels like they are going to close or something. Thoughts anyone?

  4. Here goes; all of the SSD drives I've had have become corrupted or have gone bad over the past several years, as well as a Toshiba 1TB portable external HDD that had a lot of non-redundant files I hadn't backed up. My gf, a professional graphic designer, wants to get me what she uses, a 4TB G-Tech HDD, but I was looking at a Samsung T5 SSD 1TB for the same price right now. I could be swayed to getting a G-Tech SSD, so what are my best arguments or should I just go with what she wants to get me? Despite my track record with SSDs, I'm still convinced they will hold data more securely than an HDD but I have to put a stop to dead SSDs. I appreciate any advice you can share. One thought I've had is this: is there a connection between the amount of RAM on a system I'm plugged into and the corruptability of an HDD/SSD? Also; does having to have a power source (HDDs) make them stronger partners to the computer than an SSD?

  5. Great video! Thank you! I have a question:

    I have a Intel 660p 1TB and a Samsung 970 Evo 1TB

    Which one should I use for my OS and which one for 4k video editing?

    Can I use the Intel 660p 1TB
    to put my 4k Media and Projects and edit 4k with Premiere Pro ?

    My PC:

    i9 9900k

    32GB Ram DDR4

    Asus Dual RTX 2080 8GB

    Motherboard: Asrock Z390 phantom gaming 4

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