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Financial District Walking Tour financial hub

Tour guide, Tomas “Tom” Delgado, takes you on a quick informative and improvised tour of the Financial District of Lower Manhattan. Shot by Keith Glidewell. Route was starting at 1 Broadway heading north — right on Exchange Place — left on Broad Street — left on Wall Street — right on Broadway — end at Zuccotti Park.

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Financial District Walking Tour

Financial District Walking Tour

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Financial District Walking Tour
financial hub
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43 thoughts on “Financial District Walking Tour financial hub”

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  2. You're such a natural. You have a gift of story telling. This is both fun and educational. I would love to visit Newyork. It's neat to see it like this. I imagined the streets to be narrow, full of people just walking and yellow taxis. Shaped by the films of course. Thank you! Your knowledge of the city is pretty attractive .

  3. Very informative and with that New York cute addtu !maybee get some money for information about their product or buildings push drinks or protein bars you can tell us about them and if their good .you also can do voice overs, exchange power drink for free advertising.great voice . Ill try to donate if I can.

  4. While I have immensly enjoyed your YouTube NY walking tour videos, I'm afraid that your opinion about occupy Wall Street is endemic to you NY hypocritical liberals. While you wail against the power of financial banks or corporations, you exhalt the rise of the tyrannical power of the central federal government which is in league with these banks and institutions to enrich themselves. How ironic.

    While you are very knowledgeable about the history of the property and people of your subject tours, you understand little about American & US History, The why and where for reasons that caused the creation of our great nation.

    Liberal democrats that make up the bulk of New Yorkers love the Marxist ideology that wants to destroy individual freedom, which is the whole point of the US Constitution. You rather foster the tyranny of a way too powerful central government. Occupy Wall Street was symptomatic of this Constitutional decay, it however, did not herald it. Its been in the works since the beginning the 20 century. It was a failure. The silent, patriotic, Conservative majority don't even remember it. Those who supported it are still dirty Communists or at least ignorant Marxist dupes, which I now have to assume you are.

    Income inequality is just a dog whistle term used to call to ranks the dirty, ignorant, crazy, bernie sanders idiot socialists.

    Don't get me wrong, I don't support the reckless financial Banks that became reckless because of the Federal government forced them to give out sub prime loans, nor do I believe they should've been bailed out. I just can't & don't support the insane occupy Wall Street Marxist dupes. I was just about to subscribe to you. I'm sure you don't care because your liberal ideology means more to you than the success of your channel or the US. What a shame. I really liked your channel.

  5. I used to frequent NYC prior almost on a monthly basis, Covid and have done miles and miles of walking around Manhattan and Brooklyn. Hopefully my company will not make me redundant and things will improve worldwide; when / (if) I have the opportunity to return to NYC, I intend to use your service as I love NYC. Thank you for the history lesson. Please keep your videos coming as I sincerely enjoy listening to the facts. Be healthy and safe always.

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