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Financial Independence (TheHaltResume Podcast) financial independence

TheHaltResume: I was invited to be a guest on TheHaltResume podcast with Jaret. He wanted to interview me about …

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Financial Independence (TheHaltResume Podcast)

Financial Independence (TheHaltResume Podcast)

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Financial Independence (TheHaltResume Podcast)
financial independence
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48 thoughts on “Financial Independence (TheHaltResume Podcast) financial independence”

  1. I honestly think there's a big space for a 'gamer podcast' that just talks about the issues much like this, the business and the real world. most trying to do this now are what mtv was decades ago. so it's just dumb dramatic clickbaty BS.

  2. Thank you Drift/Brad.
    I stayed subscribed for almost a decade because you are ethical and willing to call people out even at cost.
    Corpro fucks gonna be Corpo fucks….

    There will be millions of super sell outs but it's appreciated when you only sell what you like/use.

    (Gotta sell yourself nowadays but there's a big fat line between selling yourself in a way I'm proud/alright and selling out where i vomit/disgusted. )

  3. 1. get a credit card soon as you turn 18 and use it often
    2. you want to be set just work for government and get a pension, 20 years of service as cop gets you full pension in most states

  4. Great to see you share topics like this with your audience. Regardless of how "interested" individuals are in personal finance, this topic WILL affect their lives and decisions. Too much emphasis is placed these days on "do what makes you happy," whereas the "do what allows you to feed yourself and your family" has been under emphasised.

  5. Y'all got dupped by those glasses?
    Comment section, I'm dissapointed in you!
    We all know these creators are just grabbing the bag as fast as possible.
    I mean look at Astros. They are totally fine. Good even.
    But you can get 2 or 3x better headphones for the same price.
    It's not disshonest at all. It's just not the best advice or where you should be getting you're buying advice from in general.

    I mean the Dolby Atmos on their 3rd gen DAC is entirely borked and has been for something like 4 years. They just will not acknowledge it or they even say it's how it should sound.

    Strange company. Should have returned them.
    Was tricked by creator hype. Never again.

  6. Amazing video drift, more long-form “listenable” content from you would be awesome, since I can just throw this on in the car during the morning commute and chill out

  7. Even before I watch the vid, let me give you a quick summary of how to do it reguardless of what the vid says,
    1 get your credit up, your credit is more important than the money itself, this will be the foundation of financial independence, this will allow you to get loans, better loans with low interest so you save money, get those nice cars, get good jobs, and homes, to live or to invest
    2 get a good job in the meantime towards financial independence, save 60-80% of income for investments, like homes and use the money for down payments and maintenance
    3 you don’t use your money for ALL your investments, you use the banks money, you get loans with that good credit
    4 do you research on how the process of investing works, like crypto, or real estate, each niche has different values and standards to look out for
    5 pull the tigger, actually make moves, actually spend money and start watching the money change
    You have to spend money to make money.
    It’s not about how much money you make, it’s about how much money you keep.
    Read up Robert Kiyosaki Rich Dad Poor Dad and/or Napoleon Hill Think and Grow Rich

  8. This video was astounding. Honestly. Got back home from school (University), feeling low and all but I have to say, I really enjoyed this video. Thanks Driftor.

  9. I just started a construction job a month ago. I've got more money noe than I ever have, even with my mom extorting me lmao. Ive been taking care of this house since ibwas 17 and now I'm 20 almost 21 and she won't find a job to pay for the house. She just rides on what im forced to pay for if I want the lights on. I'm about to leave though and she will be left in the dark with no gas lmao

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