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HowTo Travel Hack At Any Budget financial diet

In this episode, Chelsea talks to Julia Menez of Geobreeze Travel about getting back to travel post-COVID, how to start travel hacking, and the most BS money-saving travel advice on the internet.

Hotel upgrade email template!

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HowTo Travel Hack At Any Budget

HowTo Travel Hack At Any Budget

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HowTo Travel Hack At Any Budget
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45 thoughts on “HowTo Travel Hack At Any Budget financial diet”

  1. I hate Julia’s comment “I’m very lucky that I almost never do solo travel.” I’m a female who frequently does international solo travel, and I love it. I think people are way more friendly and helpful with female solo travelers, and it’s way easier to meet people. Of course, there are some destinations where female solo travel is not as practical, but where it makes sense, it is a blessing and not a curse!

  2. I don‘t know if the „Go to Russia without any paperwork by making a Baltic cruise“ thing is really clever because you are not allowed to enter russian soil on your own- all you can do is to participate in the official cruise tours so your access is very limited and very often the tours are amazingly expensive and will lead you to worse places. I.e. if you travel to St. Petersburg and want to see a ballet (like most tourists do), most of the tours will not bring you to the famous mariinski theatre but to some third class ballets or if they go to the mariinski it will cost you up to 5 times more than it would have been if you bought the tickets directly on the mariinski website AND hired one of those agencies for your visa paperwork.

  3. On the environment stuff, people are so quick to criticise you for doing one thing that they're don't do, when they don't know anything else about your lifestyle. I've been vegan since I was 18, have never owned a car, my house is entirely powered by solar and I go shopping about twice a year but I like using plastic straws so therefore I'm evil and have the environment

  4. Your hacker is wrong about when to book. There are scheduled time period breaks in SABRE that automatically change when hotel and airline rates go up. THe breaks are 90 days out, 30 days out, and 14 days out. It's actually a numerical value in the SABRE rate code when the flights are originally programmed in. In addition, there are algorithms which adjust rates based on increases in occupancy.

  5. Buying tickets on Tuesdays: not a thing but there are two different rates that are programmed in by the airlines – weekday and weekend rates. You will pay a lower fare if you are traveling on Monday-Wednesday vs. Thursday-Sunday.

  6. When she asked about why its mostly white men in the travel hacking community, while I cannot speak on that, most frequent flyer programs were created to provide personal incentive for business travel in order to encourage business loyalty to airlines and then credit card companies. It started out as a B2B incentive and as its moved into personal travel and personal finance overtime, that bias from who the program was created for was originally baked in. Or at least that's my best guess as a career travel agent.

  7. Make sure to ask your Airbnb host how to use the washer. In Portugal, I felt like such a ding dong trying to figure it out (haha) then I had to bring wet clothes to Spain where I had to finish drying. Yeah lost some clothes but lesson learned.

  8. I found the conversation really interesting, but wasn't terribly impressed by the discussion around the ecological concerns of travel hacking. I suppose it depends on how much you travel and why, but her entire lifestyle and business is centred around taking flights. Off-setting, eating less meat, driving less, etc is a way to justify something, frequent airplane travel, that is ecological just non-justifable.

  9. Hello! I hope Chelsea or someone else at TFD sees this. I tried using the link to get the email template and after putting in my info and submitting, the button seems to be broken. I would love it if we could fix that somehow;

  10. I'm sorry.. she seems really lovely and I like to travel myself, but you can not trade off flying across the globe with eating less meat and making your own deodorant. One intercontinental holiday can be the carbon footprint of one year of someone who doesn't travel. I appreciate that she does the offset but many of those schemes are kind of scamy too and don't really do anything or as much as they say.

    Also flying business and first makes your carbon footprint even bigger and it isn't necessary to get to where you want to but many 'travel hackers' do it to rack up points… I'm sure these things can be great to get you to lots of great places but 'eating less meat' and 'not driving as much' doesn't compensate for 15 Asia flights

  11. Totally agree with the singular community of travel hacking. There are some smaller groups that are forming that help a bit. I had to stop commenting as I am a budget traveler and use hacking to get as much travel as possible and have to do as little out of pocket as possible. The big players didn't seem to understand that a budget hotel and no cash outlay was important to me. Got a lot of hate actually directed to me for that.

  12. I believe in Steveedarkplug on telegram because I always have deal with him and no red cap I bet him go get your cc from him now stop getting scam bye

  13. Sometimes you say things that fall flat- your guest gives you a logical reason she goes on a cruise- you undercut to say 'just dont go on cruises' for your two cents with little benefit to the useful content. Your videos are incredibly useful but often there is some level of judgement that comes off better than thou (wedding expenses and "take your boot off grandmas neck"). There are less offputting ways of relaying pearls of information.

  14. I believe in Steveedarkplug on telegram because I always have deal with him and no red cap I bet him go get your cc from him now stop getting scam bye

  15. I'm really glad you mentioned the ethical problems with AirBnB, its lack of oversight and regulation has done so much harm in larger cities where affordable housing was already scarce.

  16. So many issues with this video. If it wasn't enough that she recommends cruises, her response to Chelsea's question on the ecological issue shows how little she in fact understands about the impact flights have on the environment – or she plainly doesn't care. A cross-continent round trip can represent as much as 90% of a person's yearly carbon footprint. It's a complete joke that she "makes herself feel better" (her words, which show that the impacts are not really the issue for her, but only her conscience) by bringing her own water bottle, or paying the airlines to offset her emissions (which is known to be fake with many airlines and other companies). The water bottle is nothing, literally hundreds of thousands of times smaller than the impact of a long flight. She says that there is only "so much" you can do for the environment but travelling a lot is literally the worst thing that us as individuals can do. So she is not even doing "so much", she is doing nothing.

    Also, there are so many issues with this system of getting a bunch of credit cards in order to travel a bunch through airlines. First, the obvious incentive to get more cards than you need and spend more than you need. Of course a conscious, balanced human won't consume more than they need but in most cases this just encourages consumerism (which, again… the environment). Second, this system means that you need to travel by air exclusively, when there are so many great travels that you can do by train or bus! What she says about airbnb is also silly. Of course there are issues with it, but is she living on the illusion that big chain hotels don't also have different, and in some aspects worse, issues?

    This comment is probably useless and I never do this, but this video made me so angry. If anything, I hope that someone from TFD reads it, so that I can suggest that you guys do more eco-friendly / sustainable (not just for personal finance but also for the environment) content. I like that at least Chelsea says that, in her view, people shouldn't do cruises. I love your content otherwise! I just had to say something

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