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Is America in decline? | The Economist financial documentary

America is reeling from a failed war in Afghanistan, political polarisation and increasing social division. Could the superpower be in decline?

00:00 – America’s rising instability
00:45 – Is America in decline?
03:21 – America’s foreign policy failures
05:23 – Is this the end of American intervention?
07:02 – America’s domestic decline: what can be done?
09:09 – Will the infrastructure bill help?
10:40 – Is declinism inevitable?

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Is America in decline? | The Economist

Is America in decline? | The Economist

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Is America in decline? | The Economist
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27 thoughts on “Is America in decline? | The Economist financial documentary”

  1. No but that is the narrative many want you to believe and IF you believe you are in decline you WILL be in decline see how that works. If people perceive that as reality it will be a self fulling prophecy

  2. "Is America in decline?" Is this still a question? The question should be; over/under how many years to the bottom and what does the bottom look like?

  3. In UN, Biden said "with allies, we can…". Yeah, they can leave when no longer interested. Within allies, US can betray friends even they're allies. Really, his actions speak out Trump's "American first".

  4. Yes we are in a free fall much like the Spanish Empire , Crushing debt, 26 Trillion dollars and growing increase in inflation and now it seems one party rule that is causing severe division among the people, conservative against liberal beliefs
    and with social media joining the liberal culture clash banning conservative views while allowing terrorists to post messages.
    We have a very week president that slowly succumbing to alzheimer's disease
    and a vice president running away from their responsibilities.

  5. Of course, America IS in decline… I'm seeing the reasons why as embodied in this interview. America over-analyzes everything when the overall answer is varied and simple. Stop throwing money at problems, inform the people in the most honest and factually complete way (i.e. treat us as adults). I think a lot of so-called "common people" clearly see the problems, know what to do but are prevented from doing so or are not helped out with the resources need to solve the problems. Also, we conditioned to give away our power to "authority". The egos of our leaders and experts oftentimes get in the way, thinking that things should get done through "official" channels. But Americans have been divided by the leadership, whom I think know their blunders but are afraid of getting punished as they should, so that we point at others as being "the problem" when collectively we ALL are "the problem". We don't want to see the problem if it means that we have to give up something. Well, if that's the case, then we should expect to give up everything. This potentially can happen to the rest of the world if they continue to follow our bad example.

  6. The US is in decline due to the management and rule of the same type of twits that write for the Economist… a once great magazine that declined into conformist propaganda years ago.

  7. When you build your country around a plan to keep one segment of your population as a permanent underclass you are doomed to fail. While having another segment of your population addicted to a LIE of wt supemacy. Talk to Christopher Hedges and Jeffrey Sachs if you want to REALLY hear the truth. China is a country using ALL of its human resources, pulling 700 MILLION people out of poverty. America in the world STILL had this 19th century Manifest Destiny Wt Man's Burden foreign policy. It destabilizes countries of color seeing progress in the developing world as a "Threat to National Security" equivalent to the 1974 Kissinger Papers

  8. Democracy is falling soooo Hard. Usa is gonna colapse, UK is gonna fall. Germans Now can Product Guns and nazis are moving again. Russia try to be communism. China Is Now New world economy power. As you see communism is power full

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