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"Karl Marx Was Right" c squared financial

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"Karl Marx Was Right"

"Karl Marx Was Right"

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"Karl Marx Was Right"
c squared financial
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24 thoughts on “"Karl Marx Was Right" c squared financial”

  1. I am curious how this vote and debate would have turned out in the present day in view of socialism's defeat of Covid-19 and the utter collapse of capitalism and its utter surrender in the face of Covid-19. Just as a recap on 9/8/2021, taking only the US and China, the current death toll in the US us hovering around 690,000 dead while China is reporting 4646 dead. Gee. I wonder just which system is really concerned for its peoples well being. FYI the UK is at 135,000 dead while Cuba is at 6700 and Venezuela is at 4300. Interesting don't you think?

  2. Second guy glorifying a literal Nazi (Henry Ford) is just *chef's kiss. The first guy destroyed any counterargument and no one could refute his points.

  3. Capitalism death count last century and from what causes xyz?
    Communist has same xyz issues +++ political mob/equity theft/gulag slavery and political purges of citizen of 200 to 230 "million"
    The former is imperfect and needs "constant monitoring of monopolies and improvements" the latter is then simply EVIL.

  4. Interesting debate, one of the better ones. I feel audience got this one wrong though.
    8 years later… it seems even more clear that “capitalism contains the seeds of its own destruction“: not just for itself, but also our planet.

  5. -Karl Marx: expected a Global Proletarian Dictatorship in the 19th century. His prediction failed.

    -Intelligence Squared: Karl Marx was right.

  6. Have any of you pro marx idiots studied the man? The truth is he never worked a day in his life. He lived ofc his wifes inheritance then borrowed huge sums from wealthy friends that he could not pay back. Hd was a leech. Of course he is going to promote system that supports his own lazy life style. He was a lazy ass leech and was WRONG!! He lamented that the proletariat never rebelled… that was because thd poor did so well under capitalism that they never needed to rebel.

  7. You can always find fault with capitslism…it has numerous faults. It has though brought more people out of abject poverty than any other system in the history of the world….PERIOD! Socialism on the other hand kills millions every time it is tried… IT HAS NEVER, EVER WORKED. why hasnt the proletariat rebelled??? Its simple, the poor have thrived under capitslism… so much so that there was no need to rebel.
    Even Marx admitted socialism would work better if there was a lengthy period of capitalism first to create the wealth that socialism seeks to redistribute.

  8. It's hilarious to hear the so-called Marxists "critique capitalism" by pointing out that capitalist companies seek out government subsidy. Do these people listen to themselves?

  9. If you count for inflation and the current cost of living in "advanced economies", yes, wages are at the lowest levels ever (borderline feudalistic) and many are living paycheck to paycheck

  10. “That some day” will come at the return of Jesus for those who think that sinners will create a new fair system. We live in an imperfect world since the very first moment sin enter this world. Let’s don’t lose hope that a new world without sin will be stablished. Come please come …

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