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LDOE vs Lifeafter lifeafter r&d technology

Almost all of the big Last Day on Earth Youtubers have started covering Netease’s game called LifeAfter. Both games are survival games set in a …

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LDOE vs Lifeafter

LDOE vs Lifeafter

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LDOE vs Lifeafter
lifeafter r&d technology
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49 thoughts on “LDOE vs Lifeafter lifeafter r&d technology”

  1. My next video will be a sponsored video on a new game! I am going to spend extra time on the quality because it is sponsored

    Shout out to the Research Team. They are what makes this channel great. (The Research Team is a group of 30+ advanced players who gather information for this channel).

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  2. Maaan lifeafter really deserve as mich as ldoe does you cant compare life after with ldoe maan just see the camers angle of ldoe life after id pure realistic and it has so mich content wish it become populat

  3. LifeAfter is more grindy , because u need to understand the economy , complete quests , by parts , make guns , sell for gold , use gold to buy guns , complete events , get resources , and its too repetitive , and there's nothing u can do , the game also gives u A REALLY REALLY BIG ADVANTAGE , if u are p2w , thats why u should be afraid of low levels.

  4. I agree with most of what you said and finally someone who understand.. that players can still advance and enjoy the game even if they are f2p. And yea hope they can fix the lags. Although I s not as bad to all. I made a review on lag on LA xD

  5. I can't even install Life After even if I uninstall mostly everything on my phone. It just takes too much space, I wanted to play it during the Resident Evil crossover but I guess I have to stick to Last Day on Earth.

  6. In my opinion, (not forcing it on anybody) ldoe kinda wins. It's hard because it's realistic zombies really don't get glitched, life after on the other hand, it's so glitched.. And ldoe well, it kind of has a story, and it isn't pay to win.. So I vote ldoe and hope you all understand why.

  7. LifeAfter is always what I wished ldoe was… played ldoe for a year everyday…. key word is played…. and they do support youtubers…. they announce when people are live streaming the game while you are playing…. maybe they just didn’t support you… …

  8. Lifeafter is the lowest quality fps game available on Android. It's entirely built on dark psychology and addictive gaming. You are a liar and a fool who is terrible at reviewing games. Lifeafter is a huge step down from Duke Nukem, for example, on hardware that is a million times better than the hardware of that time. It's extremely laggy, unresponsive, and has stupid rules. Also, they just screw players over on purpose to make it 'interesting'. The fact is, it's impossible to find a challenging combat scenario because they have tons of stupid glitches and terribly bad programming for npc behavior in pve.

  9. Life after is also hard o play whereas ldoe is also and I think ldoe is better.. bcze it makes us accept the challenge that I can finish this game..

  10. I have lifeafter what can i say : beautiful, complicated, 2 greedy.. u can farm lime a donkey to get all sht for crafting. Finally.. after a few day using your gun its broken and u can't use it. So u need dig again its annoying. U can't complete quests im even talking to join a battle without ok gun. Lately i come online less and less. They want us spend money ..ok u bought skin or outlook but it's way. And the last 3 days pissed me off. even on low settings game lags as fck. Impossible to play.

  11. Life after is way better but there is too many things to do. Minimum 6-8 hours required daily. So I finally decided to give up. It was taking too much of my time.

  12. When i first played Ldoe i was super happy with it but when i first tried to travel into any place on the map it took a lot of time just to get there and I'm a person who can't really enjoy a game which you have to continuously shut the game and wait so i played it a few weeks then i realised that it's pointless
    but at after life if you are able to skip the tutorial and the newbie tasks you're are about to experience an amazing game with an extraordinary atmosphere you can travel to anywhere as many times as you needs it's a pc game made for phones

  13. I always loved Netease, they always think about actual action and not babying mobile players so much.

    Pubg mobile wouldnt ever exist if Netease didnt show the potential of mobile with Rules of Survival and Survival Royale.

    That shit was unthinkable for non mobile players.

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