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More Shows Like Army Wives? Update

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More Shows Like Army Wives
More Shows Like Army Wives

Was Army Wives Cancelled?

The cable network’s longest-running series will end with a two-hour retrospective set for next year.

Is Army Wives like Desperate Housewives?

“Army Wives” is sort of half “The Unit,” half “Desperate Housewives” … and about half interesting. Lifetime’s new ensemble drama is just what the title indicates. It’s about women (mostly) who are married to soldiers and live on sort of a khaki-colored Wisteria Lane.

Copy that. Operation Smile: Army Wives Reunion

Copy that. Operation Smile: Army Wives Reunion
Copy that. Operation Smile: Army Wives Reunion

Images related to the topicCopy that. Operation Smile: Army Wives Reunion

Copy That.  Operation Smile:  Army Wives Reunion
Copy That. Operation Smile: Army Wives Reunion

Is Army Wives based on a true story?

This is a true story about what happened when real life collided with army convention. Army Wives is a groundbreaking narrative that takes the reader beyond the Army’s gates, taking a close look at the other woman—the Army itself—and how its traditions, rules and war-time realities deeply impact marriage and home life.

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What platform is Army Wives on?

Streaming on Roku. Army Wives, a drama series starring Catherine Bell, Brian McNamara, and Kelli Williams is available to stream now. Watch it on Prime Video, VUDU, Hulu, Vudu Movie & TV Store or Apple TV on your Roku device.

Did Gloria choose Hector or Patrick?

Gloria is married to Hector. Gloria divorced Hector in season 7. She briefly had a fling with General Clark’s son, Patrick Clark. she picked hector cruz.

Do Trevor and Roxy get divorced?

Trevor is married to former Alabama bartender Roxy LeBlanc. Together, they have two children, Finn and T.J., whom Trevor legally adopted as his own. Roxy becomes pregnant with the couple’s first child in Season 3, but miscarries in Season 4.
Trevor LeBlanc
Spouse Roxanne “Roxy” LeBlanc (wife; née Brooks)

Who is the prettiest Desperate Housewife?

Top 10 Hottest Desperate Housewives Characters
  • Edie Britt (Played by Nicollette Sheridan) …
  • Danielle Van De Kamp (Played by Joy Lauren) …
  • Bree Van De Kamp (Played by Marcia Cross) …
  • Mary Alice Young (Played by Brenda Strong) …
  • Renee Perry (Played by Vanessa Williams) …
  • Julie Mayer (Played by Andrea Bowen)

Who got paid the most on Desperate Housewives?

Today, it would seem, it pays to be a housewife – $13 million a year, in fact. If you’re a Desperate Housewife, that is. Actress Eva Longoria has been named the highest earning US TV actress, pocketing $13 million (£8.3 million) between May 2010 and May 2011.

What show is most like Desperate Housewives?

10 Best Shows To Watch If You Like Desperate Housewives
  1. 1 Revenge (2011-2015)
  2. 2 Arrested Development (2003-2006) …
  3. 3 Orange Is The New Black (2013-2019) …
  4. 4 Devious Maids (2013-2016) …
  5. 5 Gossip Girl (2007-2012) …
  6. 6 How To Get Away With Murder (2014-2020) …
  7. 7 Sex And The City (1998-2004) …
  8. 8 Ugly Betty (2006-2010) …

Why did Army Wives get Cancelled?

Variety said the show, the network’s longest-running scripted drama, was canceled due to declining ratings. “There is no denying how special ‘Army Wives’ has been to both Lifetime and the television landscape,” Rob Sharenow, Lifetime’s executive vice president and general manager, said in a statement.

Does Pamela leave Chase?

Character biography

Pamela once ditched her police career to focus on her family, but she’s back on the force now — and was even offered a detective position in Atlanta. Pamela may have had to leave post after divorcing Chase in Season 4, but she still remains an honorary Army wife within her group of friends.

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Why did Delaney leave Army Wives?

When speaking of her three, memorable years playing Jenny Gardner on the ABC soap, she says she had “no idea” her character was so popular and only asked to leave because she wanted to try something new). As for Army Wives, “I’m really having a wonderful time,” Delaney said.



Images related to the topicTOP 5 MILITARY SERIES

Top 5  Military Series
Top 5 Military Series

Is it hard being a military wife?

The life of a military spouse is undeniably challenging. Being away from your partner for months or years at a time, assuming the role of a single parent, trying to balance a career while moving so often – all of these realities of military life can take its toll.

Is Army Wives on Amazon Prime?

Watch Army Wives Season 1 | Prime Video.

What are the benefits of a military wife?

Many military benefits and resources are available to spouses.
  • Access to commissaries and exchanges.
  • Free gyms, libraries and other recreation opportunities.
  • Free tax services.
  • Free, confidential non-medical counseling services.
  • Help with education and career goals.
  • Military discounts.

Is Penny’s baby a Hector?

We learn that Penny has been e-mailing Hector, but he hasn’t responded. She’s sure the married Hector is the father of her unborn child, but suggests a paternity test to convince him. The results prove that Penny is telling the truth.

Who plays Marta on Army Wives?

Roxanne Marie “Roxy” LeBlanc (née Brooks) is a fictional character on the Lifetime television series Army Wives, played by Sally Pressman. She is married to 2LT Trevor LeBlanc.

Roxy LeBlanc.
Roxanne Marie LeBlanc
Army Wives character
First appearance “A Tribe is Born” (episode 1.01)
Last appearance “From the Ashes” (episode 7.02)

What did Tim do to Holly in Army Wives?

In one scene he was dreaming that he was choking a man only to have the scene cut to the real world and find him choking his wife, Holly, in their bed. She was pleading with him to stop between desperate gasps for air. Luckily, she was able to get through to him in time.

Does Claudia Joy have a baby?

Claudia Joy Holden (née Meade) was a fictional character on the Lifetime television series Army Wives, portrayed by Kim Delaney.
Claudia Joy Holden
Children Amanda Holden Emmalin Holden
Relatives Sara Elizabeth Burton (goddaughter, via Roland and Joan) Molly Victoria Sherwood (goddaughter, via Frank and Denise)
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What episode does Denise conceive?

In “Army Strong“, Denise finds out that they are expecting a girl. She and Frank plan to name their daughter Molly. In the season finale, Denise gives birth to Molly Victoria Sherwood.

Do Pam and Chase get divorced?

Although he and Pamela divorced in Season 4, Chase realized that he is still in love with her. In the 5th season, Chase decides to leave Delta Force and become an instructor in order to stay around the kids and hopefully reunite with Pamela. They get re-married and eventually move to California in the 6th season.

Who was the most difficult actress on Desperate Housewives?

Desperate Housewives: Teri Hatcher vs.

Sheridan also once called Hatcher the “meanest woman in the world.” Years later when the series wrapped in 2012, the actresses bought goodbye gifts for the cast and crew, but noticeably left Hatcher’s name off the presents.

Army Wives: Stationed in the South

Army Wives: Stationed in the South
Army Wives: Stationed in the South

Images related to the topicArmy Wives: Stationed in the South

Army Wives:  Stationed In The South
Army Wives: Stationed In The South

Is there a real Wisteria Lane?

Wisteria Lane is a fictional street, appearing in the American television series Desperate Housewives.

Where should Wisteria Lane be?

Desperate Housewives storylines primarily center on the residents of the street. The set for Wisteria Lane is located inside Universal Studios Hollywood, and is actually named Colonial Street, an area that has been used for many motion pictures and television shows.
Wisteria Lane
Created by Marc Cherry
Genre Drama

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