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Naked Science – Roman Tech technology documentary

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What did the Romans do for us?

They invented the modern world. Modern cities, modern warfare, modern living all first came together in ancient Rome. The Romans were the first superpower, controlling around a quarter of the world’s population. This film looks at how they used technology to hold together their empire. We see the ingenious pilum, a spear cleverly designed so that the enemy couldn’t throw it back; the scorpion, a bolt-firing weapon of war; and the rock-hurling ballista, the fore-runner of modern artillery.

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We learn how they built their roads, the arteries of the empire that, put end to end, would stretch twice around the world. Roman cities, with their grid pattern, paved the way for the cities of today. They had hot baths, central heating, flushing toilets and double-glazing. They built apartment blocks 8 stories high, and to entertain their citizens built stunning buildings like the Pantheon and Colosseum (or Coliseum). But holding everything together at the heart of the Empire, was water. No city can survive without a supply of drinking water. Great aqueducts carried water into Rome from springs 11 miles away. When the planners of New York were building their water system, they travelled to Italy to copy the Romans. .

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Naked Science - Roman Tech

Naked Science – Roman Tech

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Naked Science – Roman Tech
technology documentary
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18 thoughts on “Naked Science – Roman Tech technology documentary”

  1. What if we are yet to invent or realise that water could do whatever petrol, diesel, gas and coal could do for us but we just haven't thought to try or even think of such… I mean except the part where we use water in dams for electricity but rather engines ,machines of all type could do so but filled with water only .. But the "only masterpiece " theory we have now allows us no room to think or commit on a very stupid and unbelievable and unrealistic ideas…

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  3. I remember watching this episode a decade ago when I was in middle school. Truly fascinating even though I'm a bit hesitant on some points in the narration (because of what I've learned now as a man in his mid-twenties). I still wonder though if they shared the same sponge or brought their own.

  4. 39:44 It physically hurts to have them talk about RIVETED mail, to then show how easily arrows penetrate BUTTED mail, instead of the real thing. Get yourself a thick gambeson and a proper riveted chainmail on top, and there's no way arrows are going to penetrate.

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