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The Weird World in RGB technology connections

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Have you ever wondered why the word looks so weird? Wait. Weird as in, like, all the time? Of course! We live in a weird world! But light, though! What about weird light? Ahhh, that’s what this video is all about.
This is the strangest vid. description I’ve written in a while. Cool.

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The Weird World in RGB

The Weird World in RGB

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The Weird World in RGB
technology connections
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41 thoughts on “The Weird World in RGB technology connections”

  1. Ya but, RGB LEDS are not producing/can not pruduce a SINGLE wavelength, but they are 'mostly'. Dibs for content, but gotta call BS on the claimed precision of you're assumptions.

  2. My brain realized about 4 minutes in that this is… this is how colorblindness works. If one of your cones isn't working properly, things get really weird really quick

  3. Fun fact, as a computer science student, one thing they had us do was colourblindness simulation to test if websites are still able to be used if someone is colourblind, and how computers simulate that, is exactly what you did, just by removing one of those three. In Android phones, you can do that from developer settings, and you can do monochrome, deuteranomaly or protanomoly (both red-green colourblindness in different types, and tritanomoly (which is blue-yellow colourblindness, so everything looks red and teal). It's really interesting to see how some of those work, and it's all with how people see things.

  4. Lol ya rgb lights are super trippy, what's even crazier tho is when you realize that everything yes everything we perceive be it any sense is only possible because everything is a changing frequency. And we just detect different wavelengths with different organs or means of perception.

  5. Love this as I used to enjoy experimenting with colored bulbs when I was growing up and watching how red and blue objects in my room turn black and white their respective colors of light.

  6. dude I'm high af right now but this blew my mind so much more than all these science, maths or astronomy

    wish I could give 2 thumbs up for this vid.

  7. It is worth considering that white LEDs do not work by producing red, green, and blue. White LEDs attempt to reproduce the full spectrum. One way to do that is to use a blue LED and refract it through a phosphor layer.

  8. Shoutout to the 1% of us who were forced to understand this because we played 'The Witness' and there was literally a puzzle that required you to hypothesize what color something would be under certain light conditions without actually seeing it.

  9. Looking at the thumbnail it struck me – this is a perfect idea for an escape room puzzle – you get a bunch of colorful things, then a colored light shines and hilights only a selection of them.

  10. You explained at the beginning how our eyes see color using the 3 cones, but I think you fell into the trap of thinking that they directly relate to red, green and blue (which they don't as you show, the actual peaks of the cones are in the violet, greenish blue and yellow ranges ). Then you claim that purple is not a real color because its not part of the spectrum. But this is inaccurate. Technically there are no real colors at all, it's all made up by our brain. So it does not matter whether a color is in the spectrum or not, it doesn't make it any more real.

  11. this is going to be stupid isn't it
    "what color is this"
    it's orange and yellow
    "you're probably thinking it's red!"
    goes to a different video

  12. This video is a little old but I've seen quite a few of them recently and as an artist who works with color it pisses me off, red green and blue or rgb is not the basic colors it's fucking red yellow and blue, and cant make yellow with other colors/pigments, yellow and blue make green, green and red dosnt make yellow at all, generally because they are complementary colors they come out as black or a dark almost brown color. If somebody can like educate me on how the fuck green and red makes yellow please do, because they like don't at all

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