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Home » When food becomes scarce – high-tech farms of the future | DW Documentary technology documentary 2021

When food becomes scarce – high-tech farms of the future | DW Documentary technology documentary 2021

Agriculture will have to change drastically in the future if it is to meet global demand. Food production will become increasingly difficult in the face of growing challenges like rapid population growth, climate change and soil exhaustion.

In Berlin, too, you can find lettuces growing in beds without soil and under artificial lighting next to restaurant kitchens or in some supermarkets. But in Japan and the US the practice of growing vegetables in huge factory buildings has been around longer. These are a world away from your normal greenhouses. The plants are grown in sterile conditions without the use of any pesticides. The fruit and vegetables produced can be eaten without being washed. And the yield is 100 times greater than in a same-sized area outdoors. The Japanese maker of such high-tech farms is successfully exporting them around the world – to customers in the Arab Emirates and in Asia’s megacities, for example.

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We will all have to wake up to the fact that food production methods will have to change if our food supplies are to be secure in the future. Increasingly, our cities will have to come up with ways of growing more for themselves and becoming less dependent on rural areas and global food supply chains. At the same time it is imperative to reform conventional farming to make it more weather resistant and less resource intensive.

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When food becomes scarce – high-tech farms of the future | DW Documentary

When food becomes scarce – high-tech farms of the future | DW Documentary

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When food becomes scarce – high-tech farms of the future | DW Documentary
technology documentary 2021
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44 thoughts on “When food becomes scarce – high-tech farms of the future | DW Documentary technology documentary 2021”

  1. Wetlands once gave life to entire ecosystems and were nature's bio-filter of raw material before it hit the world's ocean sanctuaries. Real estate came in, drained it, paved it and sold it. Without such wetlands, you get excess Nitrogen, Nitrites ,Nitrates entering the oceans.

  2. make efforts to save the environment and soils we have destroyed before abandoning them for another factory farming initiative. productivity and profitability may be increased with these future farms, but sustainability and nutritional content will not. we all need to get our heads out of our collective asses and support the natural systems that are already in place. replace the missing links in the nutrient, water, and carbon cycles by inviting the biology back. stop using synthetic pesticides, herbicides, salt based nutrients, etc. when it comes to the lies we so readily swallow, there certainly is no food shortage of late.

  3. our generation needs to be more strategic than our predecessors. we have enough information to say that the next generations are doomed unless we intervene now. anything that is self-replicating beyond national control seems to be the fundamental problem of humanity i.e. lack of family planning, exploding/shrinking markets, viruses, nuclear proliferation, disinformation. the problem is when we try solving all problems it seems the fundamental issues are always about violating boundaries. Hitler and Hirohito tried to solve all of humanity's problems through intensive force but it didn't go as planned as far as we perceive it. total democracy of information and trading land among countries may be an interesting approach this time.

  4. Growing plant based food to feed farmed animals and slaughtering 70 billion (land animals alone) a year for humans to eat isn't logical, it isn't natural, it isn't nature, and it's killing the living planet. With just 4 percent of the mass of vertebrate animals on the planet wild and 96 percent human farmed, pets and their human 'owners', you know the system is corrupted and isn't working for people, planet, or it's animals. Most of our plant based food goes to feed the animals we eat, and provides us with less protein than if we ate the plants directly. It's a travesty of nature and a deadly game we're playing with our living planet that will kill us as soil productivity dies and climate heating increases apace. It's profit and extraction over people and planet. High tech farms and regenerative farming methods are the way forward. That and cutting our greenhouse gas emissions to zero by around 2025. Anything much later and we are risking civilisation ending climate and environmental disaster with food and water wars in the next decade, two at most.

  5. I have 1/4 acre and I can grow enough plant food on it to feed 4 people with enough left over to sell to people around me. It's how you plant and how you grow. I use no pesticides but with 1/4 acre you don't need to. If you see a bug you just remove it and put it in your compost pile.

  6. What a dystopian future we face, all because we're unable to cease population growth lest the global economy collapses. All the while people are becoming worse at lateral thinking, care less about truth if it disagrees with their feelings and becoming increasingly consumer drones.

    How very sad.

  7. I love this channel!! Short and sweet. And to the point. Mostly facts not opinions. The BBC could learn a thing or two from the creative geniuses behind these documentaries.
    And I love the BBC and Attenborough!
    But this is on another level.

  8. Inteligente,admiro e tenho paixão por eles,por que sabem o que é verdadeiramente importante,eu disse que precisavam ter prédios dentro das cidades,com Farmers verticais,e estufas,e isto em vários lugares,dentro de cada prédio residencial ter um andar inteiro para isso.

  9. what a bunch of lies, this way of farming is only suited to control the food production 100% and have total monetary control over every aspect. There is only one solution to food production and that is a permaculture system. Nature is 100% perfect, us humans have messed it up with all these herbicides and pesticides. machines that till the ground, all these monocultures that do nothing but destroy the soil by letting the sun through and destroy the soil. Permaculture is the solution, the only solution but there is no control over monetary gain when a permaculture system is implemented. Go read Sepp Holzer book DW and make a video about that. stop spreading delusional messages about farming that are fundamentally wrong.

  10. Indoor farming methods are one of the best staple, stable sources of food production, protected from flood, drought and harsh environment. It provides certainties for many generations. SME General practices, practitioners all fields of studies are efficient, orderly, well coordinated with one another respectively. Indoor Farmers/water specialists/chemist/manage care representatives-nutrients:Compounds and non compounds med-lab active ingredients grown indoors/Tech.Support-systems integration, quality specialists pre-med, nutrition.

  11. Some people don't understand, the drought and fresh-water issues are real. Unless there's a MAJOR breakthrough is desalination techniques, there's no possible way we could feed the growing population in 10-20 years without these vertical farms.

  12. When food becomes scares we let people die from starvation. Population control and humans don't care that we destroy habitats for every other living creature, take their food away for ourselves and kill them. It's time for humans to also suffer

  13. There should be no more land farms anywhere in the world only indoor and every animal that can be free graze should be free grazed no more pain animal and bring the land back to trees and grasses

  14. The super rich tech guys like Bill Gates and others, are interested of controlling the worlds food markets. How? With artificially grown veggies and laboratory meet. They can only do it if politicians help them by getting rid of farmers. How? Well, with legislation that makes their food too expensive for most people. Politicians will say that cow and pig farts destroy our planet, and so does the fertilizers….this way more and more farming will be in the hands of big companies or small farmers will be using apps or crops that are designed to give all the data biotech can sell to big farmer companies….

  15. Scarcity of food is a big ass lie. There are tons and tons of food waste on a daily bases. What scarce is the nature itself. It's being destroyed by the hour. The mountains, the forest and the sea now lacks life and diversity. Food scarcity is made by people wanting more money for food

  16. Use leaf Jello so we had both vitamin and soft tissue nutrient made of tree leaf and seaweed extraction and carbon capture sugar or sugar cane

  17. That is good but should be the last solution. Imagine sitting on sofa and reach out hands to pick up vegetables… what did we do to our mother land?

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