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greeeeeeeen! DO THIS NOW! financial education 3

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Financial Education

This is a Jeremy Lefebvre Production

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Created by Jeremy Lefebvre

LMK if you know any stocks to buy now or stocks to watch! .

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greeeeeeeen! DO THIS NOW!

greeeeeeeen! DO THIS NOW!

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greeeeeeeen! DO THIS NOW!
financial education 3
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31 thoughts on “greeeeeeeen! DO THIS NOW! financial education 3”

  1. There is no problem with the stock market that has been hitting record highs recently. The real problem is with Jeremy and his stock picks that has dropped more than 40% since he recommended these while other companies like Adobe, Nvidia, Microsoft, Google etc are hitting all time highs. Jeremy made some moronic stock picks like tatooed chef, corsair, smile direct. This reflects on his lack of understanding and knowledge of the stock market. His inability to predict accurately the direction of stocks makes him mediocre. His miserable historic and current performance is a testament that his results are the outcome of pure luck. Jeremy is picking stocks like playing the lottery.

  2. He doesn't talk about anything except these 2 things

    1. This rally is possibly a fake out
    2. Or it could be a multi month rally for stocks

    Like to save people time.

  3. You really think At that market situation well get a rally ?????!!!!! I dont think. Especially not at august and september… maybe nov and december…but i dont think it'll happen in the next 2 month

  4. AEI – Alset Ehomes… Looks super cheap after several capitals raisings at big discounts, but is it a bargain or a dog? It's heavily shorted. Currently seems to have raised enough cash, but will it last? Any opinions?

  5. Will this market ever crash ?? I have a lot of co workers who are into stocks and I have thought about trying to see what it is all about but when it comes to money I think I get a little too scared. What would be the best way for me to start without ruining it for myself and possibly continue to invest?

  6. SOFI, one of the several which I bought I posted and ready to hold up to ten years on the new FB group. Yep, that other video was great, AMZN could however be one exception among those.
    I'm not overexcited at all lol We are still in the correction since February in my opinion. This past week has been a lower wave. If it does pull back on the first two days next week, unless it goes lower, we should see things slowly move up, unless Monday just gives that new wind. Eventually, we'll get back up to the top of the wave and momentum will kick in. I suspect it will take us until mid-September to get there and possibly we'll see some upside until end of year. Small cap to mid cap stocks will take back from the rest soon enough. Add to the ones that are low, sell some of the highs if needed, always smart to take some profits without selling out an entire position.

  7. Hi Jeremy I am a long time follower too. Smashing the like button for a very long time. Please do a video on stocks like Sofi, Square and PayPal.

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