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Shows Like Cardinal? Update

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Shows Like Cardinal
Shows Like Cardinal

What is the most interesting series to watch?

Top 100 MUST Watch Series ever
  • Friends (1994–2004) TV-14 | 22 min | Comedy, Romance. …
  • Supernatural (2005–2020) TV-14 | 44 min | Drama, Fantasy, Horror. …
  • Game of Thrones (2011–2019) …
  • Spartacus (2010–2013) …
  • The Newsroom (2012–2014) …
  • Dexter (2006–2013) …
  • Prison Break (2005–2017) …
  • Boston Legal (2004–2008)

Is the show Cardinal Cancelled?

The fourth and final season was broadcast in 2020 with its finale airing on May 11, 2020.

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Top 10 HIDDEN GEM TV SHOWS to Watch Now!

Top 10 HIDDEN GEM TV SHOWS to Watch Now!
Top 10 HIDDEN GEM TV SHOWS to Watch Now!

Images related to the topicTop 10 HIDDEN GEM TV SHOWS to Watch Now!

Top 10 Hidden Gem Tv Shows To Watch Now!
Top 10 Hidden Gem Tv Shows To Watch Now!

Is Cardinal a remake?

An adaptation of Giles Blunt’s award-winning mystery novel ‘Forty words for sorrow’, the series stars Billy Campbell as John Cardinal and Karine Vanasse as Lise Delorme, detectives investigating the murder of a young girl.

Is there a cardinal Season 5?

Each season has consisted of six episodes and they each focus on different books by Blunt. The fourth season is an adaptation of the sixth novel called Until the Night, but sadly this is where the story ends. HITC reported Cardinal has been cancelled and this means there will not be a season five.

What is the number one series watch?

Top Rated TV Shows
  • Planet Earth II (2016) 9.4.
  • Breaking Bad (2008) 9.4.
  • Planet Earth (2006) 9.4.
  • Band of Brothers (2001) 9.4.
  • Chernobyl (2019) 9.3.
  • The Wire (2002) 9.3.
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender (2005) 9.2.
  • Blue Planet II (2017) 9.2.

What is the Top 10 series of all time?

Top 10 TV Shows of All Time
  • Breaking Bad (2008–2013) TV-MA | 49 min | Crime, Drama, Thriller. …
  • Game of Thrones (2011–2019) TV-MA | 57 min | Action, Adventure, Drama. …
  • Seinfeld (1989–1998) …
  • True Detective (2014–2019) …
  • Dexter (2006–2013) …
  • The Walking Dead (2010–2022) …
  • Sons of Anarchy (2008–2014) …
  • Better Call Saul (2015–2022)

Is Algonquin Bay a real place?

The series is set in the beautiful fictional town of Algonquin Bay, named after Algonquin Provincial Park, which sits between Ottowa, Toronto and Sudbury in Ontario, Canada.

Will there be a 4th season of Cardinal?

CTV has confirmed that CARDINAL – one of the most acclaimed dramas in the history of Canadian television – is returning for its fourth and final season Mondays at 10 p.m. ET starting April 6.

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What is Billy Campbell doing now?

Campbell most recently starred in in the CTV/Hulu series “Cardinal,” for which he won a Canadian Screen Award for best actor two years in a row. The fourth season of the show debuted last year. Campbell is also known for his roles in shows like “Helix,” “The Killing,” “The 4400,” and “Dynasty.

Do Cardinal and Delorme get together?

Married for most of the series, Cardinal saw his wife die in “By the Time You Read This,” the fourth book penned by Blunt. The romantic tension between Cardinal and Delorme has been hinted at, but never acted upon in the series.

How many Cardinal novels are there?

He is the author of the six novels in the bestselling Cardinal crime series, featuring Algonquin Bay’s John Cardinal and Lise Delorme, which he is currently adapting as a television series for CTV.

Top 5 Intelligent TV Shows

Top 5 Intelligent TV Shows
Top 5 Intelligent TV Shows

Images related to the topicTop 5 Intelligent TV Shows

Top 5 Intelligent Tv Shows
Top 5 Intelligent Tv Shows

How many Cardinal episodes are there?

Where is Cardinal filmed?

The first major filming location for Cardinal is the city of Sudbury, which is the largest city in Northern Ontario based on population.

Is season 4 of Cardinal the last season?

Cardinal: Final Season of Brilliant Canadian Noir Crime Drama Set for US Premiere. Cardinal, one of the best crime dramas to have graced our screens, comes to a close in the Lower 48 with the premiere of its fourth and final season.

Where can I watch season 4 of Cardinal?

Currently you are able to watch “Cardinal – Season 4” streaming on Hulu or for free with ads on The Roku Channel.

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Which series is trending now?

TV Series (Sorted by Popularity Ascending)
  • Better Call Saul (2015–2022) TV-MA | 46 min | Crime, Drama. …
  • Outer Range (2022– ) TV-MA | Drama, Mystery, Thriller. …
  • Severance (2022– ) TV-MA | 55 min | Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi. …
  • Bridgerton (2020– ) …
  • Halo (2022– ) …
  • Stranger Things (2016– ) …
  • Russian Doll (2019– ) …
  • Tokyo Vice (2022– )

What is the longest series to binge watch?

The Simpsons (1989-Present)

With well over 700 episodes, The Simpsons is the longest-running scripted primetime TV series.

What should I binge on Netflix?

  • ULTRAMAN (2019) new. 6.8/10. tv-14 3 Seasons. …
  • The Last Bus (2022) new. 5.2/10. tv-pg 1 Season. …
  • Grace and Frankie (2015) new. 58 % 8.3/10. …
  • Ozark (2017) new. tv-ma 4 Seasons. Genre Crime, Drama. …
  • Heartstopper (2022) new. 1 Season. …
  • Russian Doll (2019) new. 86 % …
  • Pacific Rim: The Black (2021) new. 7/10. …
  • Our Planet (2019) 83 %

What is HBO’s most successful series?

Game of Thrones‘ may have been HBO’s most popular show ever — but is the epic fantasy series HBO’s all-time best-reviewed show?

What series should I watch 2021?

  • I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson (Netflix)
  • We Are Lady Parts! ( Peacock)
  • Succession (HBO)
  • Yellowjackets (Showtime)
  • Reservation Dogs (FX on Hulu)
  • Exterminate All the Brutes (HBO)
  • Work in Progress (Showtime)
  • The White Lotus (HBO)

What show has made the most money?


One of the most successful shows in television history, “Seinfeld” premiered in 1989 and ran for nine seasons on NBC. By 2014, the series had generated $3.1 billion since entering syndication in 1995, according to Vulture.

15 TV Shows Like Reign That Will Make You Feel Royal

15 TV Shows Like Reign That Will Make You Feel Royal
15 TV Shows Like Reign That Will Make You Feel Royal

Images related to the topic15 TV Shows Like Reign That Will Make You Feel Royal

15 Tv Shows Like Reign That Will Make You Feel Royal
15 Tv Shows Like Reign That Will Make You Feel Royal

Who is Cardinal paying off and why?

Cardinal is paying Tammy Lindstrom (Fiona Highet) off. She is extorting money from Cardinal because she knows he somehow tipped off Corbett.

Who plays Cardinals wife?

Karine Vanasse – Lise Delorme

Karine, 36, plays Lise on the popular show. The mum-of-one, who shares a two-year-old son with her husband, Hugues Harvey, has previously starred in Revenge, Pan Am and Set Me Free.

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